Professor S.C.Vaidya
Former Dean University Instructions & Chairman UBS, Panjab University, Chandigarh
General Secretary
GGDSDC Society, Chandigarh

With a legacy of four and a half decades of phenomenal success, the GGDSD Society has launched a Unique Business School in Chandigarh. As we know, Chandigarh is fast emerging as a valuable education hub attracting students not only from within but outside India also. It is high time for someone to take a lead and launch an Independent Business School offering much needed relevant management education in the city.

The school envisioned by the Society will be a centre of excellence for management education and will be entirely different from the run of the mill Management Institutes.

We have created a unique type of physical and intellectual infrastructure. Physical infrastructure is important but more important is ‘Intellectual Infrastructure’. While doing this we will always like to adhere to what Global Marketing Guru Philip Kotler said ‘ Authentic marketing is not the art of selling what you produce, but knowing what to produce’. What should we teach? We have done an exhaustive survey exercise soliciting inputs from Industry as well as potential students for curriculum designing. Thus, our academic programmes will help in staying closer to our customers.

We know that in times to come, altogether ‘New Businesses’ and ‘New ways of doing business’ will emerge and will create opportunities as well as throw challenges to management education suppliers. Millennial’s perspectives about their career have been kept in mind. We have recognised the increasing relevance of ICT and understand that, ‘web is the Way Forward’ for students to get additional inputs and for our faculty to create and share content with rest of the world.

I am sure joining the school will be rewarding experience.

My best wishes to all aspirants.