Vision of PML SD Business School

To be unique & different Business School for the creation and dissemination of Value-Based management education for grooming future leaders for India and the world.

Mission of PML SD Business School

  • To Attain and retain educational relevance by offering contemporary curriculum and focus on international immersion.
  • To Maintain academic respectability and global corporate acceptability.
  • To Focus on innovative & experiential learning.

Mapping of PEOs with the Mission (M1, M2,M3)

PEO Statements M1 M2 M3
PEO 1: To develop the potential of students into advanced concepts of different management verticals by applying relevant contemporary curriculum to manage the real problems of corporate world.   3   2  1
PEO 2: To make students develop an attitude to understand and interpret extensive business information with regard to innovative and experiential learning with global perspective indiverse areas of management to gain worldwide acceptance.   1   3  3
PEO 3: To create a conducive culture for the promotion of research and innovation among students by imbibing critical thinking, effective communication skills and team spirit to pursue entrepreneurship and to inculcate consultancy skills.   1   3  3
PEO 4: To educate students to acquire knowledge and sense of professionalism through industry-integration learning process and to engage in value-based management education in order to enhance managerial and leadership competencies.   2   2   2


1: Slight (Low)    2: Moderate (Medium)   3: Substantial (High)

Program Outcomes (POs)

PO  1:  Students will be able to apply the concepts of Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Entrepreneurship & General Management to address the management issues in challenging business environments.

PO  2:  Students to understand the national and international industry interface of business through different perspectives and can function effectively to create and manage innovation, new business development and the establishment of high-growth potential entities.

PO  3:  Students are competent in the critical evaluation of the economic, societal, legal, and cultural issues related to business- decision making and to develop and perform the range of strategies for solving the same.

PO  4:  Students can demonstrate leadership and interpersonal skills to achieve excellence while performing in diverse teams to execute various projects in multidisciplinary environments.

PO  5:  Students can create, choose, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern management and IT tools including prediction and modelling for decision-making in business.

PO  6:  Students will be able to work with ethics, professional principles, and norms of management practice with the aim of achieving sustainable development.