sk sharma

Dr. S.K.Sharma

Professor Emeritus
Former Dean University Instructions, Visiting Professor University of Florida, USA, Fulbright Scholar, Chairman Chemical Engineering Department & Founder Director, Energy Research Panjab University, Chandigarh.
Member Governing Body PML SDBS

All business schools are not created equal. In order to provide true value proposition to students, a school must be the best model in culture, curriculum, pedagogy, and caring environment. The Management of GGDSD Society formed a core group to thoroughly evaluate the concept. The group has brainstormed for more than a year to decide the format of the School. Issues like changing job profiles due to the fast changing business environment, technological advancements, increasing trend towards digitization of education were brought into the sharp focus. It has been well understood that the school will have to create a synthesis of Industry 4.0 and education 4.0 so as to cater to the needs of globalised, net worked and automated business world. The outcome of the exercise has resulted into the formation of PML SD Business School. I am sure students will find our school best destination for building happy and rewarding careers.

My best wishes to all aspirants.

sc vaidya

Dr. S.C.Vaidya

General Secretary, GGDSDC Society, Chandigarh
Former Chairman, UBS & Dean, University Institutions, Panjab University, Chandigarh

With a legacy of five decades of phenomenal success, the GGDSD Society has launched a unique Business School in Chandigarh. The school is an unparalleled opportunity to take the next step in your career and transform into capable leaders who can drive business success, We have created a unique type of physical and intellectual infrastructure after soliciting inputs from the industry as well as potential students. We know that in times to come, altogether ‘New Businesses’ and ‘New ways of doing business’ will emerge and will create opportunities as well as throw challenges to management education suppliers. We have also recognised the increasing relevance of ICT and we understand that, ‘Web is the Way Forward’ for our students and faculty in order to create and share content with rest of the world.

lam sure joining the school will be a rewarding experience. My best wishes to all aspirants.