The PML SD Business School library is one of the most richly equipped libraries in terms of resources, services and infrastructural facilities, It offers a congenial environment for study and research. The library acts as a main learning resource center of the Institute. State-of-the-art Information Technology (IT) products are in place to modernize its operations and services. The library has currently been subscribing to select periodicals in print form and provides online access to books and periodicals. It has a dedicated E-Resource Centre for accessing electronic databases of journals and reference sources, The library has been subscribing to prestigious electronic databases like Business Source Complete (EBSCO Publishing).


The Computer Centre is equipped with the latest hardware and software facilities to handle the requirements of the course curricula, students and faculty. The entire campus has Wi-Fi with thirty access points. The Centre has one server room, one computer centre and one computer lab. The computer labs have a total capacity of more than a hundred students.


The Institute is well-equipped with a number of air-conditioned lecture halls and classrooms having modern teaching and learning facilities. All lecture halls have access to latest presentation equipments such as Multimedia Projectors, Laptop Notebook Computers, Internet and Intranet Connectivity and a State-of-the-Art Sound System providing for a wholesome complete classroom experience.


Boys’ Common Room

Girls’ Common Room

State-of-the Art Classrooms