President’s Message

PML SD Business School is a big step forward in creating a fresh momentum in academics tor the students of Tri-city and neighbouring areas. Launched In the middle of the pandemic in August 2020. PMLSD Business school was the brainchild of the Late President Shri Upkar Krishan Sharma, who believed in creating an institution that would lay a strong foundation in making students ready to face a digitally influenced corporate and business world.

Although very nascent and at the cusp of creating a great wave of transformation in the areas of business studies, PML SD business school is directed by the vision of the late President to create an environment where we nurture leaders who will make a difference to their people. Organizations and to the world at large with innovative ideas, humanistic values and unlocking solutions to challenges in tomorrow’s complex world.

We are determined to create an environment where theoretical knowledge is complemented with practical prowess guided by Industry expertise. We also believe in creating an entrepreneurial mindset where we challenge conventional thinking and encourage our students to embrace diversity and develop collaborative skills.

Going forward, digital transformation will be a big imperative for corporate organizations. Businesses and even in the SME sector. We are preparing our students to understand the impact of digitisation across different functions by Integrating new tools in decision making and mental models into our curriculum. With a focus on developing advanced analytical and technological skills at every step, we hope to prepare our students to excel in whichever field they choose.

Our intellectual rigor, modem hi-tech facilities and infrastructure, our workshops, research projects. social engineering, industry expertise, seminars, symposia, and case studies are all designed especially to prepare students to future ready their career.

We believe in the extraordinary potential that exists in every student and through our academic endeavours we aim to help each student not only explore the innate possibilities for themselves but push the boundaries of what they can achieve. Inculcating values of honesty, integrity and an attitude that believes in creating value for self and others. We are very clear that we are raising tomorrow’s leaders who will be guided by a desire to make a positive and humanistic difference.

So come be a port of this community that Inspires the world to go beyond a limitation and become a positive change for all without any discrimination.

Ms. Vaishali Sharma