August 2020 scripted a new chapter of development that has changed the educational landscape in Chandigarh. GGDSD College Society, Chandigarh has taken an impressive stride by launching the ‘Post Graduate Diploma in Management’ programme at Pandit Mohan Lal Sanatan Dharma Business School, Sector-32 C, Chandigarh. The newly set up Business School is an another landmark and milestone in the legacy of SD that has been making striking contribution towards augmenting the academic fabric of India through its progressive outlook and rich rootage in Sanatanist values since 1973.

Backed by high-end expertise, state-of-the-art infrastructure, futuristic facilities, dynamic teaching-learning process, we bring to you a unique and different institute where ‘intelligence and infrastructure’ have been integrated to instill competencies that give the students a head start in life.

We have galvanized our own high standards of education with the excellence of global expertise. The key strength of SD lies in the eclectic and complex historical and cultural formations.

‘Pursuit of Excellence’ is the objective of this Institute. We aim at producing not only successful professionals, managers and entrepreneurs but also human resources who are morally upright, mentally alert, socially responsible and spiritually sublime. We try to impart quality and value-based holistic education by providing a congenial and conducive environment that provides multiple opportunities for multi dimensional development.

Responding to the call of time of transcontinental exchange of concepts and methodologies, we are trying to adopt hi-tech ultra-modern techniques which are characterized by data base resources and diverse services like bridge courses, brain storming sessions, seminars, symposia, case studies, Power Point presentations, research projects, industrial excursions, workshops, innovations, experiential learning, ‘hands on’ training, career fests, ICT and social engineering.

Unleashing the potential of students in a balanced manner through competence enhancement and enduring values is the focus of the institute. If you want to ‘fly high’ and not simply ‘get by’, PML SD Business School is the perfect platform for you to perform. Here, enlightenment leads to empowerment. We will provide wings to your aspirations and ambitions so that you may scale new heights and touch new pinnacles of glory.

Good luck and wish you a learning sojourn of purpose and fulfilment!

Upkar Krishan Sharma
GGDSD College Society, Chandigarh
Former VP, Eveready Industries